David Gardner, a local farmer with a servant heart and a deeply-rooted appreciation of the Shenandoah Valley’s agro-industrious history, set out to save the Sellers barn from demolition to make way for large-scale commercial development. He and a small team deconstructed the century-old historic bank barn piece by numbered piece, relocated the entire assembly ten miles south to his family farm, and reconstructed the barn’s structure exactly as he had found it.

His empathy for the hand-hewn detail in each beam and rafter, for the family whose history is etched into each floorboard- these are the things that drove the preservation of a piece of the Valley’s history, slated to be destroyed in the wake of big business. Thousands of hours were spent pulling nails, drafting dimensions and elevations over and over, and dreaming of how this barn, having been given a second chance, could serve our small town for years to come. 

circa 1800's



Valley Pike Farm Market has created a gathering place that embodies a character that can’t be newly made; the atmosphere that the antiquated Sellers’ barn inherently has identifies as “home” for most of the community. The Market is so much more than a roadside stand; it’s a place for us to come together, and a place to share a cup of coffee at a farm table made of the same wood that our own neighbors crafted into a barn more than a century ago.

It’s a place for us to meet by the hearth over a glass of wine, for old and new friends to share a local meal, and for all walks of life to celebrate together in the things that make the Valley that much sweeter. Valley Pike Farm Market has given us a place to simply be present, to build fellowship with one another, and to support small businesses within the constantly shifting agriculture industry.




music at the market


Valley Pike Farm Market has given local businesses- the multi-generational farmers and the big dreamers and small-town entrepreneurs- an accessible outlet for their goods and wares. By working toward its mission of supporting Virginia farmers and local businesses to drive the area’s agritourism forward, Valley Pike Farm Market celebrates the very people, communities, and history that the Shenandoah Valley is made of.

The Market is home to over three hundred local craft beers and wines; it highlights the baking and confectionary talents of our neighbors, offers locally sourced meats and cheeses from Boar’s Head, and proudly carries a curated selection Virginia preservatives, bulk foods, and other goods. It offers an inviting coffee shop featuring local coffees and homemade pastries, a back deck to enjoy an outdoor lunch or an evening drink, and a loft for all to gather. Small businesses have been given an opportunity for the fruits of their labors to be seen and enjoyed; local farmers and makers have been given a platform to shed light on the agricultural economy that makes our community thrive. 

an accessible outlet